Pink & White $45 

Color Powder $40 

Ombre with Color Powder $50 

Solar (Full Set) $35 

Shellac (Full Set) $50 


Pink & White $40 

Change Color Powder $40 

Same Color Powder $35 

Solar Powder $30 

Dipping Powder $40 

Lightweight, thin, impove your nails with vitamins.


Shellac Manicure $30 

Clean cutlcle, Lotion Massage

Classic Manicure $17 

Clip, file, clean cuticle, hand massage.

Deluxe Manicure $30 

All services of classic manicure, sugar scrub, mask, collagen gloves, 


Collagen Spa Pedicure $65 

• Lavender or Volcano

• Formulated to relive stress

• Collagen Crystals create a warm soothing bath made with natural sea salt that detoxifies and soothes skin

• Foot mask hydrates with hot towels

• Special treatment with collagen socks

• Creamy location moisturizes with natural oils and plant-based collagen leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day and finish with color of your choice

• 15 minute leg and 10 minute shoulder massage

Pure Pearl Pedi $52 

• Enjoy pure luxury and bliss

• Pearl powder and beauty and health secret

• Soaking your feet with pearl treatment powder

• Cleanser

• Sugar Scrub

• Hydrating mask wrap with hot towels

• Dipping your feet in paraffin hot wax

• Mineral cream lotion massage

• 10 minute leg and 5 minute shoulder massage

Deluxe Pedi $35 

• Warm aromatic bath soak

• Sea Salt to exfoliate dry skin

• Mask applied with hot towels

• Hot paraffin wax

• 5 minute massage

Ultimate Aloe Vera Jelly $57 

• Benefits of jelly pedi is that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscles and acts as a gentle exfoliate (3 minutes)

• Jelly retain water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils in jelly pedi

• Moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin

• Aloe sea salt to remove dry skin

• Mask and hot towels

• Special treatment with collagen sock

• 5 minute leg massage

• 8 minute shoulder massage

Milk and honey Pedi $42 

• Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you a sense of wellbeing with a milk bath soak

• Honey exfoliation Mask

• Hot towels

• Treatment with paraffin hot wax

• Enjoy 5 minute leg massage

Simple Retreat $30 

• Warm aromatic bath soak

• Sea salt to exfoliate skin

• Mask wrap with hot towels

• Lotion massage


New Set of Volume $100 

New Set of Classic $80 

Refill of (for 2 weeks) Volume $55 

Refill of (for 2 weeks) Classic $45 


Eyebrows $10 

Lips $7 

Chin $8 

Whole Face ( or threading) $30 

Side Burns $10 

Under Arms $20 

Full Arms $35 

Half Arms $20 

Back $35 

Bikini Line $30 

Brazilian Wax $45 

Half Leg $30 

Full Leg $50 


Polish Change (Hand) $8 

Polish Change (Feet) $10 

French Polish Extra $5 

Soak Off w/ Shellac or Gel Only $10 

Remove Powder $10 

1 Min Massage $1